About Us



Founding the Rock Creek Dance Academy (RCDA) is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for Christina Prete. At age 17, during a college scholarship interview, Miss Christina confidently declared that she planned to direct a dance studio one day. Since that declaration, Miss Christina has led a rewarding, dance-filled life, with every experience preparing her to gracefully realize her mission: to provide high-quality dance education to children and teenagers in a nurturing, non-competitive environment. Read more about Miss Christina here.



The seed for RCDA was planted at the Corinne Phelps Robertson School of Dance, where many of RCDA’s faculty got their start. For 60 years, Mrs. Robertson directed this institution in Bethesda with great poise, inspiring thousands of young dancers and many budding teachers. Upon Mrs. Robertson’s retirement in 2011, Miss Christina was ready to move on with the creation of RCDA.



Miss Christina and her staff strive to maintain a balance between discipline and technique, and freedom of movement and spirit. Our dance classes provide well-needed stress relief for students, helping them to better balance their schoolwork and extracurricular activities.



Students grow stronger physically and mentally through their dance classes. As grace, poise and balance grow, so do each student’s strengths. The determination and perseverance to better themselves through their dance classes makes students mentally stronger and better equipped to face challenges in class and in life.



Through all levels and disciplines, students are encouraged and praised for their unique strengths and abilities and, with each achievement, confidence grows. Our fun-filled and age-appropriate children’s classes focus on simple ballet and tap basics, while subtly instilling a sense of etiquette and good behavior. As the children move into our graded Cecchetti Ballet classes, the work becomes more rigorous, yet immensely satisfying upon successful completion of Cecchetti exams. Jazz, Lyrical, and Tap classes allow students to unwind a bit. Without pressure or stress, students set and attain their own self-made goals, continually building confidence and creating a dance legacy of which they can be proud!