School Policies

COVID-19 Precautions

All programs at RCDA are held INDOORS with limited class sizes, following our COVID Safety Procedures for In-Person Classes.

Students will not be permitted to attend any in-person classes at Rock Creek Dance Academy if they show any symptoms of illness.

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Customer Portal Log-in Info

Returning customers can log in to our secure Customer Portal to do the following:

  • Register for classes
  • Access class resources
  • Receive announcements
  • Check email messages sent by RCDA
  • Send messages to RCDA staff

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School Year Program: Tuition and Fees

Tuition Rates for 2021-2022
Classes at Rock Creek Dance Academy run on a school-year basis with a curriculum designed to progress appropriately over the course of the school year, culminating in a school-year end recital in June.

School-year tuition is divided into three trimesters: upon registration, by the first week of December, and by the first week of March. During the first trimester, we accept students as space allows on a pro-rated tuition basis. We do not accept new students after the first trimester ends (beginning of December).

Should a student not wish to continue for the full school year, h/she may withdraw at the end of the first trimester. The parent or guardian must notify Rock Creek Dance Academy of the withdrawal in writing before before second trimester tuition and costume fees are billed at the beginning of December.

As space allows, a student may enroll after the start of the first trimester and tuition will be pro-rated accordingly.

An annual non-refundable registration fee of $40.00 per family will be collected at the time of registration. A late fee of $15 will be applied to any accounts 30 days overdue. Additional late fees may apply for any accounts more than 45 days overdue.

Classes not meeting minimum enrollment may be combined or canceled.

The December tuition payment will also include recital costume fees as appropriate:

  • Regular Costume Fee: $60
  • 2-in-1 Costume Fee: $85
  • Rental Costume Fee: $25

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Class Withdrawals and Refunds

Child and Teen classes are taught on a school year basis, with curriculum progressing appropriately from September through June, concluding with a recital performance in June. Tuition is divided into three trimesters over the school year. Should a student not wish to continue for the full school year, h/she may withdraw at the end of the first trimester. The parent or guardian must notify Rock Creek Dance Academy of the withdrawal in writing before before second trimester tuition and costume fees are billed at the beginning of December.

RCDA will not issue refunds for any missed classes nor early withdrawal. Dancers are encouraged to complete makeup classes in the event of an absence. Missed classes may be made up anytime during the current session (see Make-up Class Policy). Classes not meeting minimum enrollment may be combined or canceled. Refunds will be provided if a class is canceled by RCDA.

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No Obligation Trial Class Policy

A student may try any school-year or summer class before committing to the class. To register for a trial class, customers must complete our online registration form and agree to our school policies before a child can participate in class. Simply click the “Register” link next to the desired class on our Schedule of Classes page or Summer Classes page.

When completing the registration form, simply select “Yes” next to “I would like to Trial this class.” Credit card information is required to complete the form, but credit cards are not automatically processed. After completing the form, trial registration information is entered into the RCDA secure database, and RCDA staff will send a personal note confirming the trial.

By registering for a trial class, you can hold a space for your child if you do choose to enroll after the trial. If you choose to enroll in class after the trial, tuition will be calculated to include the initial trial class (plus the annual registration fee per family). If the trial is not successful, there is no obligation to you and no charge for the trial class.

For school-year classes, trials are not accepted during our Pre-Registration period. Once general registration opens in mid-August, you may enroll for a trial class, provided there is available space in the desired class.

Trials are not permitted in our Summer Dance Camps or Intensives.

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Dance Class Etiquette

For your child to have the best possible experience in his or her dance class, please review the following guidelines. We expect children and teenagers to follow these guidelines in every class!

I am ready for class if…

  • I am on time!
  • I am wearing the proper dance clothes and shoes.
  • I am wearing the face mask that covers my nose, mouth, and chin.
  • I am wearing my hair pulled back from my face.
  • I do not have gum or candy in my mouth.
  • I am not wearing jewelry or a watch.
  • I have visited the restroom.
  • I have already spoken with my friends in the lobby or dressing room. (No talking during class!)
  • I am ready to listen, learn and have fun!

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Cover-Up Attire

Please encourage your child to wear cover-up clothing over leotards and tights when outside of the dance studio. We strive to teach our children proper etiquette and manners, and proper etiquette in traveling to and from the dance studio should include cover-up clothing. Also, please DO NOT WEAR DANCE SHOES OUTSIDE! Street shoes are for the street, dance shoes are for the dance studio. Children should arrive and depart in street shoes and change into dance shoes once inside. Wearing dance shoes outdoors ruins the shoes and dance floor.

Please see our Class Attire page for information on required apparel for dance classes.

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Late Pick-Up Policy

We expect all children to be picked up promptly from their dance classes. Parents will be assessed a $10 late charge if a child is picked up more than 10 minutes after class ends. An additional $1 per minute charge will accrue for any time thereafter.

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Class Observation

To ensure the best (and least distracting) learning environment for your child, classes are closed to parents and guardians. We do offer two Visitors’ Weeks, one each in fall and spring, where families are invited to observe class.

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Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather, the status of all classes will be sent via email and posted on our home page.

For classes at Maplewood-Alta Vista Park, we will generally follow Montgomery County Public Schools cancellations. Final decisions on dance class cancellations will be based on the weather forecast and road/parking lot conditions. Announcements will be made no later than one hour prior to the first class of the day.

For classes held at local schools, we must follow Montgomery County cancellations for Community Activities in schools. You can check the status of Community Activities here. Generally, when schools are closed, Community Activities are also canceled. Occasionally, Community Activities may be open even if school/county-sponsored events canceled. In this case, RCDA classes will likely be held as scheduled. We will send an email to confirm.

Please check our School Calendar for scheduled holidays.

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Make-up Class Policy

You can make up any missed lessons (due to inclement weather, illness, travel, etc.) in another class of a similar or lower level on a different day at any time within a given session (i.e. School Year 2021-2022).

Please use the secure Customer Portal to log absences and schedule make-up classes.

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Referral Incentive Program

During the school year, any current RCDA customers who refer a new student to RCDA will receive a $20 credit to their third trimester tuition. Both the referring and referred families must be enrolled through the third trimester. There is no limit to the amount of referral credits a family can earn! Families referring three or more students will also receive a special gift at the year-end recital.

Save 10% on your summer tuition when you refer a new customer to a Summer Program at RCDA. Both the referring and referred families must be enrolled in any Summer Program (Classes, Camps, or Intensives). We appreciate the referrals!

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Annual Dance Recital

At the end of each school year, RCDA produces an elaborate recital production in which all students are invited to perform. Students are taught age-appropriate choreography that enables them to take the stage with confidence and enthusiasm. Stunning (yet modest!) costumes are custom-ordered for each dancer and enhance the recital experience, allowing each student to shine brightly. A fresh recital theme is presented each year, and includes a ballet suite that involves dancers of all ages.

Performances are held in the state-of-the-art Cultural Arts Center Theatre at Montgomery College Takoma Park/Silver Spring, with lighting designed by the very talented technical staff at the college. For details about this year’s recital, please visit our Recital page.

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Summer Programs

Every summer, RCDA offers weekly classes, week-long dance camps, and intensives for ages 4 through Adult. For more information, please visit our Summer Programs page.
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Adult Classes

Adult classes are offered during our Summer session with pro-rated tuition available.
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