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Schedule of Classes for School Year 2019-2020 (PDF)

2019-2020 Child/Teen Trimester Tuition Rates

Classes at Rock Creek Dance Academy run on a school-year basis with a curriculum designed to progress appropriately over the course of the school year, culminating in a school-year end recital in June.

School-year tuition is divided into three trimesters: upon registration, by the first week of December, and by the first week of March. During the first trimester, we accept students as space allows on a pro-rated tuition basis. We do not accept new students after the first trimester ends (beginning of December).

Should a student not wish to continue for the full school year, h/she may withdraw at the end of the first trimester. The parent or guardian must notify Rock Creek Dance Academy of the withdrawal in writing before before second trimester tuition and costume fees are billed at the beginning of December.

An annual non-refundable registration fee of $35.00 per family will be collected at the time of registration. A late fee of $15 will be applied to any accounts 30 days overdue. Additional late fees may apply for any accounts more than 45 days overdue.

Classes not meeting minimum enrollment may be combined or canceled.

The December tuition payment will also include recital costume fees as appropriate:

  • Regular Costume Fee: $60
  • 2-in-1 Costume Fee: $85
  • Rental Costume Fee: $25

Classes begin on Monday, September 9, 2019.

Tuition rates shown below are per trimester.

Class Length Per Trimester After 15% 2-Class Discount After 25% 3-Class Discount 4+ classes
30 mins $180.00 $153.00 $135.00
45 mins $225.00 $191.25 $168.75
60 mins $270.00 $229.50 $202.50
75 mins $310.00 $263.50 $232.50
90 mins $350.00 $297.50 $262.50 Max $990

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