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Please note: An annual non-refundable registration fee of $35.00 per family will be collected at the time of pre-registration. First trimester tuition will be collected in mid-August.

Schedule of Classes for School Year 2018-2019

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Please note: An annual non-refundable registration fee of $35.00 per family will be collected at the time of registration.

Classes below sorted by TYPE. For classes sorted by DAY OF WEEK, go to our Schedule Page.

Zumbini® – ages 0-4

Zumbini® is a music and movement class for children, 0 to 4 years, to attend with their fun-loving caregiver. We combine original Zumba®-style music with dancing, acoustic singing, rhythmic instruments, scarves, balls, and more to create this fun and engaging 45-minute class. Rock Creek Dance Academy has partnered with Bouncing Bambini to offer Zumbini® classes on Wednesday mornings; please for more information or to register.

Pre-K Ballet with Tap for 4 years (School Year 2018-2019)

This enjoyable and energetic class for pre-schoolers emphasizes coordination and rhythm while building on the Little Dancers’ curriculum. Children continue to grow comfortable with the dance class structure while expanding their knowledge of simple ballet and tap exercises. Students will take part in our Annual Dance Recital, learning an age-appropriate ballet OR tap dance.

Pre-Ballet 1 with Tap for 5-6 years (School Year 2018-2019)

Students continue to progress with their ballet and tap basics. Exercises will continue to stimulate the imagination while helping children to increase coordination and improve posture. Simple barre exercises are introduced in ballet while lively music inspires children in both tap and ballet. Proper behavior and listening skills are still a primary focus. Appropriate for kindergarten-aged children.

Pre-Ballet 2 with Tap for 6-7 years (School Year 2018-2019)

Our progression from Pre-Ballet 1 appropriately expands students’ ballet and tap vocabulary. Proper ballet posture and technique are introduced and tap combinations are increasingly more intricate.

Intro to Cecchetti Ballet with Tap for 7-8 years (School Year 2018-2019)

A more rigorous pre-ballet class which introduces students to the theory and exercises of Cecchetti Ballet I. Proper ballet posture and technique is emphasized. Tap technique advances from Pre-Ballet 2.

Cecchetti Ballet Classes (8 years and up) (School Year 2018-2019)

The Cecchetti Method provides a well-balanced system of theory and movement from Level I through Level VIII. Proper ballet technique is highlighted as students practice the set syllabus for each level in their Cecchetti work. Students may qualify for graded examinations in the Cecchetti Method of ballet, although exams are not mandatory. Students preparing for ballet exams must take ballet class at least twice per week.

Jazz Classes (School Year 2018-2019)

Jazz dance traces its roots to African American vernacular dance and traditional Caribbean dance, and later to the New Orleans genre of jazz music. Today, jazz dance encompasses the styles of show jazz (Broadway/Musical Theatre Dance) as well as the more contemporary arena that reflects different decades of popular music (rock, hip-hop, etc).

Lyrical Classes (School Year 2018-2019)

Lyrical is a hybrid of ballet, traditional jazz, and contemporary dance. Lyrical choreography is expressive in nature, conveying emotion found in the accompanying music.

Tap Classes (School Year 2018-2019)

Tap classes are offered in conjunction with ballet, jazz, or lyrical classes. Much like learning a musical instrument, students learn how to count music and keep time using their feet and brain as their instruments. Rhythm Tap dancers, or hoofers, dance using mostly footwork, not showing very much arm or body movement. Broadway Tap takes the basics of Rhythm tap and incorporates the arm and body motions of jazz dance, while using the whole stage to paint a big picture.

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