Birthday Parties

What better way for an aspiring ballerina to spend her birthday than through a magical journey of dance and imagination? One of RCDA’s beautiful ballerina teachers can take your ballerina princess and her friends (young gentlemen, princes, and cavaliers also welcome!) through the enchanting world of ballet in celebration of her birthday.

Show & Tell!

The birthday girl and her guests can see and feel a real pair of pointe shoes, a classical ballerina tutu, and a sparkling rhinestone tiara. Most importantly, the ballerina teacher will bestow upon the birthday girl her very own rhinestone tiara which she may keep as a treasured memento of her party.

The Ballet Adventure!

The ballerina teacher will lead the dancers through an age-appropriate ballet lesson. Younger dancers will enjoy imaginative creative movement exercises which will help them to grow tall like blossoming roses, stretch out like limber kittens, and dart through the air like dainty butterflies. Older children will be thrilled with pre-ballet exercises like the Tango Passe and Mexican Hat Dance.

Dancers of all ages will be excited to move briskly around the room as they march, gallop, and leap. Then everyone will have a chance to dance freely to inspiring ballet music, calling upon steps they may have just learned! The ballerina teacher will help older dancers create their very own mini ballet story which they’ll love to perform for attending parents.

Finally, the dancers will offer a thank you in traditional ballet style, performing a reverence as they bow to the teacher and birthday girl! As they leave the party, the children’s hearts will be full of the joy and beauty that inspires every ballerina.

Each party includes the following:

  • Special tiara for the birthday girl
  • Hands-on display of pointe shoes & ballet costumes

Structured ballet lesson including:

  • Barre exercises
  • Creative movements in the center of the room including port de bras, jumps, turns, bourree runs, and stretching
  • Locomotive exercises including leaps, skips, gallops, and marching
  • Freestyle dances where children can improvise and demonstrate their individual talents
  • Introduction to many French ballet terms
  • Emphasis on the magic and beauty of ballet as well as the fun and enjoyment of dance and creative movement

Boys are always welcome to participate and will soon realize their unique and special role as cavalier or prince!


Also available:

  • Tutus
  • Magic Wand crafts
  • Jazz or Tap dance parties
  • Complete in-studio party packages including cake and refreshments


  • In-home parties starting at $175
  • In-studio parties starting at $350

for complete pricing information and to schedule your party.